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  • 1-2 Bedroom House Kit


    Kit Includes:

    • 15 Small Boxes
    • 15 Medium Boxes
    • 10 Large Boxes
    • 5 Extra Large Boxes
    • 3 24” Grand Wardrobes w/ Bars,
    • 4 Rolls 55yd Tape
    • 25lbs Packing Paper
  • 24″ Grand Wardrobe w/bar


    24″ Grand Wardrobe w/ bar – Dimensions are – 24″ x 22″ x 48″ (15.0 cu/ft). 24” hanging bar is included.

    Our grand wardrobe box with bar is ultimately a larger version of our regular sized wardrobe box. Offering you the ability to hang more of your clothing for your move safely. The grand wardrobe box features dimensions of 24” x 32” x 48”. Grand wardrobes are built from sturdy and thick cardboard that will maintain its durability. Preventing the box from softening upon wetness or collapsing in if other objects apply pressure or weight. The grand wardrobe box is ideal for protecting your clothing during your move. Allowing it to maintain its excellent condition by remaining hung on hangers.

  • 24″ Wardrobe Hanger Bars


    Our 24″ hanger bars accompany wardrobe boxes. They are metal hanging bars that are 24″ wide. These make it easy to transfer hanging clothes directly from the closet to the bar for easy packing. Having these streamlines the packing process while still providing access to the hanging clothes.

  • 25lbs Packing Paper


    We offer 25lbs Packing Paper to help protect your belongings during a move. We usually suggest our packing paper for wrapping dishes, glass, or anything fragile where bubble wrap alone won’t cut it. Our packing paper comes in 25-pound rolls, which is more than an adequate amount of paper for the average move.

  • 3-4 Bedroom House Kit


    Kit Includes:

    • 45 Small Boxes
    • 45 Medium Boxes
    • 20 Large Boxes
    • 10 Extra Large Boxes
    • 6 24” Grand Wardrobes w/ Bars
    • 10 Rolls 55yd Tape
    • 50lbs Packing Paper
  • 3000+ sq. ft. Household Kit


    Kit Includes:

    • 80 Small Boxes
    • 80 Medium Boxes
    • 20 Dish Barrels
    • 30 Large Boxes
    • 15 X-Large Boxes
    • 12 24″ Grand Wardrobe w/ Bar
    • 30 Packing Tape Rolls (55 yards)
    • 4 Rolls of 25lbs Packing Paper
  • 4 Wheel Moving Dolly 18″ x 32″


    4 Wheel Moving Dolly 18″ x 32″ – Our Rubber wheel dollies provide a soft cushioned ride. Having rubber-wheeled dollies assists with any item that could be moved allowing you to easily transport heavy and hard to carry items. Rubber wheels provide easy rolling across any surface and prevent damage at the same time. Make your move easier with this 18″ x 32″ 4-wheel moving dolly.

  • Bubble Wrap


    Our rolls of bubble wrap will help you in your packing efforts! The bubble wrap is ideal for keeping your belongings safe while being transported during your move. You can use the bubble wrap to layer in the boxes that you pack to provide cushioning. Additionally, you can also wrap your delicate items with the bubble wrap. This can be for both cushioning and to hold your items more firmly in place. People most commonly use bubble wrap for their more fragile or valuable items, including but not limited to framed pictures, pottery, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, artwork, and decorative pieces.

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  • Bulk Cargo Box


    Bulk Cargo Box Sizing:

    • 58 x 42 x 45
    • 42 x 29 x 25.5
    • 35 x 20 x 20

    Our double-wall corrugated boxes contain rows of air columns which makes the cardboard stronger than your average cardboard box. Inside the boxes, air columns act as a cushion for the items that are inside. Additionally, the ridges inside offer strength and flexibility which is helpful when packing differently sized items. Our corrugated cardboard boxes come in a variety of sizes to virtually fit any item necessary.

    *Pallet not included

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  • Carpet Shield 50′



    The carpet shield 50′ that we offer is the ideal way to protect your carpet during the process of moving. When you order this carpet shield, you will receive 50 feet of plastic adhesive that will protect your carpet from damages. Especially when you are moving furniture or items that may spill a lot of dirt or other substances that could stain your carpet. With how expensive carpets are to purchase let alone clean after being damaged. Spending a few bucks on a carpet shield will be a lot more advantageous than risking ruining your carpet. Even if you take great measures to ensure that your belongings are avoiding contact with your carpet. Your carpet may still rub up against the vehicle’s surfaces or other items during transport. With the carpet shield in place, however, your carpet will be free from all potential dust, dirt, and grime. These may come from the truck or your other belongings.

  • Cotton Web Hump Straps


    50′ Cotton Web Hump Straps – Cotton web hump staps are durable straps that assist with carrying heavy and large objects. These straps help evenly distributing weight to make lifting and moving items easier on yourself. Additionally, these straps allow for a two-man team to move large, heavy objects easily through uneven areas or around corners.

  • Crib Mattress Box


    Our crib mattress box is the perfect size to fit your standard crib mattress. This box is ideal for any moving, storage or even shipping needs. No one wants to have a dirty mattress after moving or having items in storage. This box will prevent that while keeping the mattress clean and undamaged.

  • Dish & Glass Cell Packs


    Our cell packs are filled with air they are space-saving and compact. These packs are made to fill out those extra spaces inside boxes that nothing else can fit in. They assist with wrapping products and cushioning items for easy packing. Cell packs are quick and easy speeding up the packing process while adding additional protection. Additionally they are lightweight to keep moving simple. Our Dish & Glass cell packs will fit into a 6.0cuft Dish Barrel.

  • Dish Barrel


    DISH BARREL 4.5CUFT – Box dimensions are: 18″ x 18″ x 28″ (5.2 cu/ft).

    Our dish barrel is perfect for packing your dishes. The dish barrel features dimensions of 18” x 18” x 28”. Similarly, rather than stacking your dishes in a regular box where they will be too susceptible to breaking should the box shift the wrong way, tip over, or even be set down with too much force. Using the dish barrel to keep dishes held firmly in place throughout your move. Our dish barrel boxes have labels and arrows.  Having the labeled box shows you, from what angel, to lift the box.

  • Lamp Box


    LAMP BOX – DIMENSIONS ARE 12″ x 12″ x 40″.

    Our lamp box is specifically designed to fit and protect the shape of a lamp. This way you can pack your lamp safely rather than leave it out in the open with the rest of your belongings. The 12” x 12” x 40” cardboard surfaces are thick and strong.  This is enough to protect an average-sized lamp from any elements that may cause damage. Whether they be seasonal conditions outside or items or substances that are loaded in the vehicle with the lamp.

  • Large Box


    LARGE BOX 4.5 CUFT – Box dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 24″ (4.5 cu/ft) IDEAL FOR LAMP SHADES, LINENS, LARGER LIGHT ITEMS, and ELECTRONICS

    Our large boxes are built from durable cardboard that will resist tearing, collapsing, or caving in. Our large box features dimensions of 18” x 18” x 24” and stands at 4.5 cubic feet. Additionally, this to hold all sorts of reasonably large or more spacious items. Therefore, our large box is ideal for linens, pillows, lampshades, books, certain electronics, and small appliances. In addition, by using the large box, you will be able to keep such items safe from any sort of dampness, dust, or other possible damage that could be experienced.

  • Legal Box with Handles


    Legal boxes are stronger than your typical cardboard box. These totes are of legal paper size to fit all of your important paperwork and documents. They are built to last and are useful if items will be in storage for a while. Our legal boxes are resistant to dampness allowing you to rest assured that your documents will remain in-tact and of high quality.

  • Mattress Bags


    Our mattress bags will hold any sized mattress. Mattress bags are ideal for preventing damage from your bed during the process of moving. When in our bag, your mattress will remain clean and whole and not become dirty from the vehicle. Additionally any surrounding objects, or seasonal elements, and also not becoming torn open by any sharp edges. Not to mention, the mattress bag helps keep the springs in your mattress safe should the mattress be dropped, fall over, or experience any harsh impact.

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  • Medium Box


    MEDIUM BOX 3.0 CUFT – Box dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 16″ (3.0 cu/ft) IDEAL FOR KITCHEN PACKING AND SMALL TOYS

    Our medium boxes are created with sturdy cardboard that will stand firm against any damaging elements while containing your belongings. This medium box features dimensions of 18” x 18” x 16” to stand at three cubic feet. It is ideal for packing kitchen supplies, toys, certain electronics, DVDs, and more. When packing your belongings in the medium box, your items will be protected from any sources of potential damage while being transported to your new home.

  • Mirror Boxes


    Large mirror boxes assist in keeping your mirrors, frames, or artwork intact during your move. Our mirror boxes come with 4 adjustable panels that will move to fit the shape needed for that perfect fit. Mirrors, frames, or artwork will be contained with less mobility in these boxes.  These boxes help to prevent your mirrors, frames, and artwork from sliding around inside the box.

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  • Moving Cart (Library Cart)


    Use our Moving Carts (Library Carts) to easily move your items in your home or office location. Our moving cart measures 48″ x 48″ x 18″, making it the perfect tool to quickly move books, electronics, and other small office-type items. Equipped with 5″ caster wheels, you can rest assured that this cart is built to last, and easy to use. Our moving carts are custom-made in-house with durable and heavy-duty materials.

  • Newsprint Packing Paper


    1lb Newsprint Packing Paper – Newsprint is an alternative for filling empty spaces in boxes while packing for your upcoming move. Our packing paper will help you wrap light-weight items before putting them into their box. Wrapping items will help you prevent damage, and items moving around during your transport.

  • Packing Peanuts 14CF


    Packing Peanuts – 1.5, 6.0 and 14 Cubic Feet options – Packing peanuts are best used for filling up the open spaces during packing of your boxes. They will add extra protection to fragile objects during an upcoming move. Our packing peanuts will fill the tight spaces to ensure less movement during transportation.

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  • Packing Tape Rolls


    Packing Tape Rolls 55 Yards Tan

    We offer rolls of packing tape for you in order to enable your packing efforts better as you prepare to move. Our packing tape can be purchased in 55-yard rolls for very inexpensive prices. Allowing you to order as much tape as you think you will need without having to worry about the cost. This packing tape is standard for the industry and will ensure that all of your boxes are tightly sealed. This is to avoid the potential dislodging of your belongings while in transit.

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  • Paper Pads


    Paper Pads 60″ x 72″

    Our 3-ply paper pads provide protection to your furniture during the moving process. Best used to cover your furniture and prevent any contact with dust, grime or unknown substances. Paper pads help to prevent extensive damages during moving. Another way they can be used is underneath furniture legs to assist with sliding along floors. Paper pads are ideal when placing furniture in a rental truck, portable storage, and semis.

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  • Piano Board


    Our Piano Board is a must-have for moving piano’s safely without damage. Our solid wood piano moving board features easy-to-use placement with straps and handles to safely place and remove the board. The board features a flared-end that adds extra strength and security to the piano board. Four rope handles make it easy to place and remove the board. Don’t risk damaging your piano!

  • Picture Crates


    Use our custom picture crates to safely store and move your delicate art-work. Our crates are custom built-in various sizes ranging from 2×3, 4×5, 5×6, and 6×6. The crates come pre-assembled and ready to use right away! Don’t risk damaging to your valuables, and ship with our picture crates! All crates are built with heavy-duty materials, over-compensating for the safety of your valuables.

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  • Plasma TV Kit


    The plasma T.V. kit is a great way to offer protection for your T.V. during its transport to your new home and keep it safely contained. Constructed from thick and sturdy cardboard, the plasma T.V. kit will be rigid against opposing forces and maintain its shielding shape under almost any circumstances. Often, people will save the original box that their plasma T.V. came in and use the box to pack their T.V. when they move. However, this is something that, with our expertise we do not recommend for several reasons.

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  • Pop Up Legal Letter Box


    Our pop up legal letter-boxes have a lid and can be folded flat when not in use. These boxes are made of typical cardboard, lightweight and made for easy transport with handles. These boxes are of a legal paper size so all documents and pages fit inside easily without ruining or folding pages. Our pop-up legal boxes are industry standard and made to quickly and easily store your documents and other personal paper items.

  • Quilted Moving Blanket


    Quilted Moving Blanket – Non-Woven Polyester Fabric

    We offer quilted moving blankets for you to purchase. You can cover your furniture or other items for extra protection during your move. These moving blankets are non-woven polyester fabric. With the fabric, they will keep your belongings safe from all sorts of sullying substances in and outside of your chosen moving vehicle. While our furniture pads and paper pads have proven to be just as efficient for protecting your items. They are not as thick as our quilted moving blanket, which can cover more items and block out more damage. You can always order a few moving blankets or mix up your furniture’s protection with quilted moving blankets, furniture pads, and paper pads.

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  • Record File Box


    Our record file box is a sturdy cardboard box that is made for transporting and moving files. These boxes have ledges for your standard size file folders. Keeping files together is important and these boxes save time during packing to transport your files.

  • Rubber Bands


    12 Rubber Bands – Rubber bands can stretch to double their size to keep moving blankets and pads wrapped around your furniture. They have a non-slip design to prevent blankets and pads from shifting during the moving process. These also eliminate the need to tape everything as well. Rubber bands are quick and easy to use and will reduce time spent on wrapping furniture.

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  • Shrink Wrap


    We provide shrink wrap to help you keep your belongings safe during a move. We have rolls of shrink wrap that are perfect for holding furniture pads in place. They also assist with keeping small items bundled together. This shrink wrap is made of strong plastic that features great stretching abilities to cover items large and small. Using shrink wrap, you can offer a lot more protection for your possessions by ensuring that they will not be sullied by any dirtying substances or face any sort of surface damage. There are numerous ways that you can use shrink wrap to your advantage during a move. Whether you use it to hold drawers in their dresser while in the moving vehicle or you want to give some fragile items an extra source of cushioning. We offer affordable prices for our shrink wrap so that you can order as many rolls as you think you’ll need!

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  • Small Box Book


    Small Book Box – 1.5CUFT – Box dimensions: 16″ x 12″ x 12″

    Our small boxes will hold all sorts of small and heavy items, such as books, tools, DVDs, and toys. This 16” x 16” x 12” cardboard box stands at 1.5 cubic feet and is strong enough to hold a relatively substantial amount of weight despite its size. The small box allows you to pack several different items in a safe and secure container that will keep things safe from any potentially damaging objects or substances that the box could come in contact with at any point during your move.

  • Speed Packs


    40″ x 30″ x 30″ – Use our speed packs to quickly pack and move your home or office location. These handy boxes are durable and easy to use, making your move an absolute breeze.

  • Student Apartment Kit


    Kit Includes:

    • 10 Small Boxes
    • 5 Medium Boxes
    • 5 Large Boxes
    • 3 Rolls of 55yd Tape
    • Tape Gun
    • 25lbs Packing Paper
  • Tape Gun



    We offer tape guns to aid you during your move. Our metal tape gun is designed to dispense any industrial tape with ease. So that way you can enjoy a smooth packing process. Using a tape gun is typically more straightforward and quicker than manually pulling tape from a roll, saving you a lot of unnecessary time and frustration. A tape gun makes it easy to dispense proper portions of tape so that you are not wasting it or using too little to make things stick.

  • XLarge Box


    XLarge Box 6.0 CUFT – Box Dimensions: 24″ x 18″ x 24″ 

    Use our extra-large box to help you pack for a move. This 24” x 18” x 24” box stands at six cubic feet. This box is constructed from thick, sturdy cardboard that will stay strong against dampness or sharp edges. The extra-large box is ideal for packing bulky yet lightweight items such as linens, pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals. When you have one of our extra-large boxes on hand, you will hopefully feel more at ease about packing knowing that you will be able to fit a lot of items into one container.