Mattress Bags

We sell mattress bags to provide affordable protection for your mattresses against dirt and dust during storage or moving. These mattress bags come vented on both sides 3” from the front, 10” up from the bottom, and 10” between each hole. All of our mattress bags are perforated on a roll for easy tear-off and dispensing. Our mattress bags have side gussets to help the mattresses fit into the bag more easily. These mattress bags are transparent and will keep your furniture clean and away from bugs, dust, and moisture. These bags contain vent holes to remove excess air and are available in either a standard or pillow-top selection.

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  • Mattress Bags


    Our mattress bags will hold any sized mattress. Mattress bags are ideal for preventing damage from your bed during the process of moving. When in our bag, your mattress will remain clean and whole and not become dirty from the vehicle. Additionally any surrounding objects, or seasonal elements, and also not becoming torn open by any sharp edges. Not to mention, the mattress bag helps keep the springs in your mattress safe should the mattress be dropped, fall over, or experience any harsh impact.